Jiangjie Chen

Jiangjie Chen

Ph.D. Candidate (on the job market!)

Fudan University


Jiangjie Chen (陈江捷) is a final year Ph.D. candidate at Fudan University in the School of Computer Science, Shanghai, China. His interested research topics are mostly around autonomous generative agents, including (but are not limited to):

  1. Autonomous Generative Agents: Developing advanced methods for autonomous, trustworthy, and personalized language agents. This extends towards the exploration of their interactions with multiple agents and real environments.
  2. Cognitive Modeling in Language Models: Focusing on integrating elements from cognitive science into language models, such as the aspects of belief systems, analogical reasoning, Theory-of-Mind, etc. The goal is to augment the understanding of these agents regarding themselves and others, hence enabling them to generate more cognitively-aligned and human-like responses.
  3. Reasoning and Strategic Planning: Advancing research on equipping generative agents with human-level reasoning abilities and strategic planning capabilities. This involves designing and implementing methodologies to incorporate decision-making, counterfactual thinking, and other complex reasoning tasks in generative models.
  4. Evaluations and Simulation Environments: Establishing evaluation frameworks and creating simulation environments to assess the progress of multiple generative agents. These aim to capture the multi-faceted aspects of generative intelligence, from basic belief consistency to advanced reasoning and planning capabilities.

( Download my resumé . Could be outdated. 😶)

  • Large Language Models
  • Reasoning and Planning
  • Applications of LLMs
  • Mountaineering 🧗‍♂️
  • Tennis 🎾
  • Musicals
  • Ph.D. in CS, 2019 - 2024 (estimated)

    Fudan University

  • B.S. in CS (honors), 2014 - 2019

    Fudan University


  • Oct. 2023: Check out our newest pre-print Auction Arena! We explore the intriguing domain of how LLMs navigate the complex and dynamic environment of auctions. We introduce AucArena, a novel simulation environment tailored for assessing LLMs within the unpredictable yet strategic world of auctions. Play with arena demo and see if you can beat AI!

  • Oct. 2023: Our paper SCAR got accepted to EMNLP 2023 Findings! A nice addition to the analogical reasoning domain! See you in Singapore :).

  • July 2023: Our paper CoScript got an Outstanding Paper Award in ACL 2023!

  • June 2023: Coming to Seattle for a summer internship at Allen Institute for AI, working with the great Aristo Team!

  • May 2023: A pre-print on the knowledge conflict of large language models! See the tweet. Turns out ChatGPT and GPT-4 somehow stick to its own belief, are receptive/gullible to longer, better-formatted, more popular evidence, and follow the herd… All kinds of human-like, dangerous behaviors!

  • May 2023: Check out two pre-prints on Analogical Reasoning, which extend E-KAR! AnalogyKB is a million-scale analogy KB derived from existing KGs, to enable machines to achieve analogical reasoning skills. SCAR is a new challenge for evaluating LLMs’ structure abduction ability for scientific analogies, which is essential for human-like analogical reasoning.

  • May 2023: Got two papers about LLMs accepted to the main conference of ACL 2023! The first paper is about analyzing why LLMs fail to generate negative knowledge while being able to recognize them. The other is CoScript, studying how to generate plans under constraints with LLMs. See you in Toronto (hopefully :/)!

  • Feb. 2023: Presenting VENCE on AAAI 2023!

  • Nov. 2022: Two papers accepted to AAAI 2023! One is VENCE on correcting factual errors in texts, and the other is NEON on explaining why a statement is false: both focus on solving the tasks without direct supervision. Welcome to check it out!

  • Oct. 2022: Gave a talk at MSRA.

  • Oct. 2022: I was awarded with China National Scholarship for Doctoral Students.

  • Sept. 2022: Just married💕!

  • Sept. 2022: We officially release a new version of the E-KAR dataset (v1.0 -> v1.1), with a substantially improved English dataset! Over 600 problems and 1,000 explanation texts are manually adjusted, and we are as strict as we can! See more information at the E-KAR project page. Have fun!

  • July 2022: Talk titled “Right for the Right Reasons: Explainable Reasoning on Analogical Recognition and Fact Verification” (in Chinese).

  • July 2022: ACT for NAT will be presented at NAACL-HLT 2022.

  • May 2022: E-KAR will be presented at the Commonsense Representation and Reasoning (CSRR) workshop at ACL 2022, discussions welcomed!

  • May 2022: E-KAR will be presented at ACL 2022 (virtually) in a poster session, welcome to check it out!

  • Apr. 2022: Our paper (ACT) on non-autoregressive translation got accepted at NAACL-HLT 2022!

  • Mar. 2022: The leaderboard of E-KAR has been released at EvalAI! Welcome to participate!

  • Mar. 2022: Our work LOREN received the attention of WikiResearch Team 🧐, here’s the tweet.

  • Feb. 2022: Giving oral & poster presentations about LOREN and EDUCAT at AAAI 2022 virtual conference.

  • Feb. 2022: Our paper (E-KAR) on analogical reasoning got accepted at ACL 2022 (Findings)!


Allen Institute for AI
Research Intern
Allen Institute for AI
Jun 2023 – Sep 2023 Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Aristo Team, mentored by Dr. Kyle Richardson. Responsibilities: Work on multi-agent reasoning and planning with large language models.
UC Santa Barbara
Visiting Research Intern
UC Santa Barbara
Sep 2021 – May 2023 Remote
Hosted by Prof. Lei Li. Responsibilities: Work on machine reasoning over language with large language models.
ByteDance AI Lab
Research Intern
ByteDance AI Lab
Nov 2019 – May 2023 Shanghai, China
Mentored by Prof. Lei Li, Prof. Hao Zhou, and Dr. Changzhi Sun. Work on Knowledge-guided text generation and natural language reasoning.
Knowledge Works Lab (KW, 知识工场) at Fudan University
Student Research Leader
Knowledge Works Lab (KW, 知识工场) at Fudan University
Sep 2019 – Present Shanghai, China
Responsibilities: Lead the research group on natural language generation and reasoning. Mentored near 20 graduate and undergraduate students. Together, we co-authored and published multiple research papers, including one that received an Outstanding Paper Award in ACL 2023 with Siyu Yuan.


Huawei Scholarship
ACL 2023 Outstanding Paper Award
China National Scholarship for Doctoral Students
Honor Student Award in Computer Science of Top Talent Undergraduate Training Program

Recent Publications

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(2023). Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Evaluating Strategic Planning and Execution of LLM Agents in an Auction Arena. Preprint.

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(2023). Translate Meanings, Not Just Words: IdiomKB's Role in Optimizing Idiomatic Translation with Language Models. Preprint.

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(2023). Beneath Surface Similarity: Large Language Models Make Reasonable Scientific Analogies after Structure Abduction. In The 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2023) - Findings.

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(2023). AnalogyKB: Unlocking Analogical Reasoning of Language Models with A Million-scale Knowledge Base. Preprint.

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