EASYTOOL: Enhancing LLM-based Agents with Concise Tool Instruction

An illustration of the proposed EASYTOOL. The documentations can be polished and refined by EASYTOOL into more concise and effective tool instructions for better tool usage.


To address intricate real-world tasks, there has been a rising interest in tool utilization in applications of large language models (LLMs). To develop LLM-based agents, it usually requires LLMs to understand many tool functions from different tool documentation. But these documentations could be diverse, redundant or incomplete, which immensely affects the capability of LLMs in using tools. To solve this, we introduce EASYTOOL, a framework transforming diverse and lengthy tool documentation into a unified and concise tool in- struction for easier tool usage. EASYTOOL purifies essential information from extensive tool documentation of different sources, and elaborates a unified interface (i.e., tool instruction) to offer standardized tool descriptions and functionalities for LLM-based agents. Extensive experiments on multiple different tasks demonstrate that EASYTOOL can significantly reduce token consumption and improve the performance of tool utilization in real-world scenarios.

Jiangjie Chen
Jiangjie Chen

His research interests mainly include natural language reasoning and large language models.