Agent Group Chat: An Interactive Group Chat Simulacra For Better Eliciting Collective Emergent Behavior

Illustration of Agent Group Chat interactions, depicting diverse scenarios including inheritance disputes, law court debates, philosophical discourses, and movie casting contention.


To investigate the role of language in human collective behaviors, we developed the Agent Group Chat simulation to simulate linguistic interactions among multi-agent in different settings. Agents are asked to free chat in this simulation for their own purposes based on their character setting, aiming to see agents exhibit emergent behaviours that are both unforeseen and significant. Four narrative scenarios, Inheritance Disputes, Law Court Debates, Philosophical Discourses, Movie Casting Contention, are integrated into Agent Group Chat to evaluate its support for diverse storylines. By configuring specific environmental settings within Agent Group Chat, we are able to assess whether agents exhibit behaviors that align with human expectations. We evaluate the disorder within the environment by computing the n-gram Shannon entropy of all the content speak by characters. Our findings reveal that under the premise of agents possessing substantial alignment with human expectations, facilitating more extensive information exchange within the simulation ensures greater orderliness amidst diversity, which leads to the emergence of more unexpected and meaningful emergent behaviors. The code is open source in, and online platform will be open soon.

Jiangjie Chen
Jiangjie Chen

His research interests mainly include natural language reasoning and large language models.